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No support for OLE DB in Java



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    If by "closed" you mean propreitary then in a word, "hosed".
    Well, that comes pretty close to summing it up. If I was in a pinch, I might look to third party vendors to help, but I honestly don't now if there is a practical solution:

    Here is the type of link that I thought may be interesting to you:
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    Free tool for using OLE DB from Java

    Retreive data from MS EXchange folders, Address books, Outlook mailboxes, Active Directory accounts e.t.c
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    Free tool for using OLE DB from Java
    Unfortunately, there's not too much non Russian support beyond google translate. English (or German, French, Spanish ;) would be nice.

    I have the same question/problem as fidge:
    There's a windows based system, providing access via their own oledb provider.
    This works fine in the windows world: (ADO,, linked server in MS-SQLserver2000 or 2005, etc.).
    They do not have an ODBC driver any more :-(

    Problem now: how to easily build a jdbc driver for this scenario?
    All SQL queries should be simply passed to the oledb provider.

    Additionally: this jdbc driver should run native java, thus requiring some middleware (windows based) bridge.

    Up to now, I found
    - jadozoom (jdbc to ado)
    - RMIJDBC (jdbc to jdbc bridge)

    Combining both bridges works somehow... Besides performance, there's some loss regarding data type info, so I'm not too happy.

    I want to avoid building the whole stuff from scratch...

    - is project 191 (more) suitable for my need? can someone check/translate, (beyond google translate) please ?
    - any other possible solution?

    I agree with fidge's suspect: I (we) cannot be alone with this task ...

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    . Your premise that you want to access these databases using OLE DB through Java is flawed and makes no sense, so that is not a concern and does not affect the ability of competing technologies (JDBC, OLE DB) to successfully access a single database instance.

    whenever we talk about jdbc think odbc , and jdbc will connect to db which support odbc. The databases which can be accessed only using OLE db use com, now java does not suppport com , so its not possible to use OLE db to access db.
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