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RSA Public Key ASN.1 DER Encoded Output

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Hi all,

I managed to created a pair of RSA Keys and print out the ASN.1 DER encoded format of the RSAPublicKey via getEncoded() method.

The beginning few blob (in hex.) of the output is:

30 82 01 22 30 0d 06 09 2a 86 48 86 f7 0d 01 01 01 05 00 03 82 01...

My understanding of SubjectPublicKeyInfo ASN.1 structure and DER encoding allows me to understand mostly what I have written above; however, I am wondering what the first few blobs represents.

For the blob above, I interpret the first few blobs as the ASN.1's SEQUENCE; with DER Tag 0x30, then followed by DER Length 0x82; however, the DER Value doesn't start with another SEQUENCE for ASN.1 AlgorithIdentifier.

What I mean is, what are the DER Value 0x01 0x22 (the 3rd and 4th hex. blob) in above mean? Shouldn't AlgorithmIdentifier be there, instead of after these blobs?


Hon Hwang.
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