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Verisign Certificates

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We want to purchase a maximum strength Server Certificate. To purchase one from Verisign, it is required that we provide the name of the Server Software provider upon which the Certificate will reside. There are only options for the servers from recognized brand names - nothing like "Other Server Software" is available.

As we built our own server in java 1.3, using jsse for security, it would be nice if we could find out from Sun which Server Certificate we should use; more accurately, if we could find out which type of server the java with jsse would be like so we can get a full strength server certificate.

Has anyone built their own server in java with jsse and used a Verisign Certificate? If so, any words of wisdom would be most appreciated.




  • 843811
    843811 Member Posts: 49,851 Green Ribbon
    Additionally, if anyone has had success using any of the other server certificates from Thawte, Baltimore, etc, please come forward.

    Especially interesting would be what Sun recommends.

    Sun: are you lurking? If so, please let us know.


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