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Is there any way to make work JAAS from browser.

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Hello all.
I am making Intranet Login module, which should let the user in if he already logged in Nt and ask user/pass if not. It should be working from browser. I am trying to use JAAS. But I don't know is there any way to use JAAS from applet, since applications are not runnable on browsers.

Is there any other way to get this NT login credentials and login in from browser.

Thanks for any help.


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    843811 Member Posts: 49,851 Green Ribbon

    I am doing almost the same thing here. In order to authenticate a user on the server side, the authentication should be on the server side. The client could use SOAP to connect to the server authentication module.

    I also try to do authentication through a servlet on the server. I can write a simple client app to connect to the servlet, but I don't know how to specify all the needed system parameters on the server( Once this is done, we could have the authentication done through https.

    If you got any good idea, please let me know.

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