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Best way to learn GG

USER101 Member Posts: 988 Bronze Badge
edited Oct 12, 2010 3:40PM in GoldenGate

Is there any simple document detailing the installation of GG ? I am looking at basic install with one way replication, bi-directional replication and something that guides us the recovery scenarios.. Such the primary and the secondary going out of sync. I searched the web but there aren't many articles on this. I know it's still new but any hidden resources that you know of, which you could probably share ?

Many thanks in advance



  • Annamalai A
    Annamalai A Member Posts: 640
    Hi Try this
  • -joe
    -joe Member Posts: 226
    What separates a good consultant from a great consultant is hands on testing... and lots of it!

    This is also a good write up:

    The docs have lots of usable examples and there's a decent write up on bi-directional. Start off with a single one way replication and understand everything you're doing. Once you get that down then setting up bi-directional is pretty straightforward. The hard part is determining what you are going to do when a conflict is detected. And please note that most packaged applications can not be replicated bi-directionally (e.g. Oracle EBS, SAP, etc.) so you'll likely need to make some application changes and therefore will need to have control to make such changes.

    Good luck,
  • USER101
    USER101 Member Posts: 988 Bronze Badge
    Thanks Annamalai and Joe. Really appreciate it
  • -joe
    -joe Member Posts: 226
    Some newly posted material is on:

    Towards the bottom there is a link for:
    Oracle GoldenGate Tutorial for Oracle to Oracle Version 10.4

    Which points to:

    It's regarding OGG 10.4 but as a beginner's guide there should transfer just fine.

    Have fun,
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