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Begin with GoldenGate

user12100209 Member Posts: 185 Blue Ribbon
edited Oct 12, 2010 3:42AM in GoldenGate
Hello, I have experience with Oracle Streams and now I would like to learn Oracle GoldenGate, so I have questions:

1-Which are the differents between Oracle Streams and Oracle GoldenGate
2-Will Oracle Streams disappear?

And the most important

3 Could you please give me some documentation for learning Oracle GoldenGate from the begin? I mean some document like the Oracle Streams Concepts and Administration but for Oracle GoldenGate if it exist.

Thank you I hope you can help me?


  • user12100209
    user12100209 Member Posts: 185 Blue Ribbon
    Please I am looking for help to begin with Oracle GoldenGate, I think you have experience and I hope you can notice me how Oracle GG work and what I should do to configure it.

    My OS is Suse Linux Enterprise Edition 10 and my databases versions are

    I really hpe you can help me.
  • MikeN
    MikeN Member Posts: 262 Red Ribbon
    Here's the Oracle / GoldenGate statement of direction wrt Streams (note the link has changed from before):

    For downloading GoldenGate (available via OTN), interactive demo's, documentation, whitepapers, etc., see:

    The documentation has examples in the Administration guide, and explanations. (See also the installation guide, of course, for your platform.) A number of people have posted a simple tutorials in various blogs, so you can google for that (it's really quite trivial to set up basic replication) but those don't (usually) explain what is actually happening (and they may not always be completely correct.) But the admin guide does explain these basic steps for setting up GoldenGate ( (364 pages)).
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