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frequent occurence of the 'Non Fatal JIT error

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edited Jul 18, 2001 6:09AM in Java Technology & XML
hi buddys
This particular error arises many times on my command
prompt and as per the name it is not fatal...Most
cases will have to do with something regarding
xml parsing..if any body having exp in this can u please help me


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    843834 Member Posts: 49,972
    Hi rodes,

    Some times any java code developed on one platform
    just doesnt work on other. Everything seems fine
    but it doesnt work. One of the cases where this is
    true is when the object Process is used. some
    behaviors of the object are platform specific(seems sensible
    You can watch out, if there use of Process in your code,
    may be you may have to recompile it on the other
    platform to make it work

    Developer Technicalsupport,
    Sun MicroSystem,India.
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    843834 Member Posts: 49,972
    I got the same error and submitted the bug as mentioned in the error message. I got a response saying that since it is a JIT error, and they have made some changes it, they recommend getting the latest version of the jdk - 1.3
    I still have to download it, so I cant say if it solves the problem, but thought I'd let u know.
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    The message from Sun:


    With the FCS release of the JavaTM 2 Software Development Kit,
    Standard Edition, v 1.3.0 (J2SE 1.3), the Classic VM and
    its Just In Time (JIT) runtime compilers are retired.

    Since you are reporting a problem with the JIT in JDK 1.1.x or in
    a 1.2.x SDK release, containing messages of this type:
    "A nonfatal internal JIT [...] error [...] has occurred"
    your options in this case are to:

    1) Run without the JIT, for example:
    java -Djava.compiler=NONE <classname>
    jre -Djava.compiler=NONE <classname>
    rmic -J-Djava.compiler=NONE <classname>
    javac -J-Djava.compiler=NONE
    appletviewer -J-Djava.compiler=NONE xyz.html

    2) Upgrade to Java[tm] 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v 1.3
    (code name JDK 1.3), which is available from:

    Your best course of action is to update to J2SDK 1.3 as soon as
    you can. 1.3 contains completely different runtime technology
    that should not suffer from these problems.

    J2SE v 1.3.0 includes the Client implementation of the Java
    HotSpotTM Virtual Machine in the SDK. The Client VM contains
    state-of-the-art Java HotSpot technology specially tuned to
    maximize performance on the client. The new SDK also contains
    performance tuning in the areas of startup time, memory
    footprint, and program exectution speed.

    For more information, please take a look at the performance
    enhancements page:

    If the same bug is known to be present in the HotSpot VM
    implementation, a separate bug should already exist in the
    relevant HotSpot subcategory.
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