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Tutorail For XML/EJB?

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edited Jul 17, 2001 9:56AM in Java Technology & XML

I am new to XML & EJBs. I found tutorials on XML and on EJBs, but I could not find a tutorial that generates XML data from database tables using EJBs. Please let me know if any of you know of such a tutorial.



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    843834 Member Posts: 49,972
    some new books from WROX should cover the topics you're interested in:
    a)Professional Java Data
    b)Professional XML Databases
    c)Professional Java XML

    Although b) covers MS stuff as well, it has an informative chapter about generating XML using JDBC and about using XML for distributed JDBC apps.

    Hope that helps (a little).

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    843834 Member Posts: 49,972
    A few things to keep in mind:

    1) EJB method return types must be serializable.

    2) JAXP Documents are not serializable.

    3) It is probably better design to have the EJBs return the data the are responsible for in a presentation neutral form (a String, an Integer), and then have something else build an XML document or a JavaBean before returning to the client.
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