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Saving and retrieving data on a java enabled mobile using j2me

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hey all well i a new j2me programmer im tryin to store data on a mobile device and retrieve it later on the only way i have read is to use rmi (record managment system)....and i did i found a sample program :
that saves views and deletes data ..... the program works perfect on both emulator and mobile but when i press save it does nothing all ..... and i get this warning when i first debug and compile it ....[WARN] [rms ] javacall_file_open: wopen failed for: C:\Users\Grim\javame-sdk\3.0\work\0\appdb\delete_notify.dat
i reallyyyyy appreciate it if i could find any help....or if anyone got any workin sample of saving and retrieving data on a mobile java enabled fone....
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