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Error to iniciate the midlet

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edited Jul 16, 2010 10:00AM in Java ME SDK
Hi everyone!!!

I´m trying compilate the HelloMIDlet class that is the initial class in a new NetBeans java ME project.

But I have the following error, when i press run:

Starting emulator in execution mode
*** Error ***
Failed to connect to device 0!
Emulator 0 terminated while waiting for it to register!
C:\Users\MyUseName\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MobileApplication3\nbproject\build-impl.xml:898: Execution failed with error code 1.

Please help me,



  • 843851
    843851 Member Posts: 19,484
    i might have solution to this. lets hope it would be of help for you.
    first exit the device manager in system tray.
    then,open the netbeans and open java platform manager,remove older platforms and add new platforms

    Prior Check:
    Check whether you are able to install older platform emulater or not
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    843851 Member Posts: 19,484
    Thanks for trying helping me...

    But I have the same error. I just have uninstall the netbeans and make refresh in the menu Tools > Java PlatForms > PlatForm Manager

    I have two PlatForms: CDC and the J2ME. Which one is the responsible for start the midlet aplication?

    What PlatForms is more indicated for developing PDA aplications?
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    843851 Member Posts: 19,484
    In normal all mobile application are developed only cldc.
    how you configure wtk in netbeans.
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    843851 Member Posts: 19,484
    I have installed the Netbeans 6.9 with the java me module.

    When i try to make a new standart java me, I compile the hellomidlet, he starts the Java ME SDK 3.0 Device Manager.

    But a few seconds later I have the error reported in my first topic.
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