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freeze the keyboard

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edited Apr 27, 2009 9:00AM in Java ME SDK
Hello there,
I'd like to develop an application for a famous international tournament for PDA.
Basically, there will have people assign to control tickets with PDA and I don't want them to play with the keyboard.
They will just scan and check pictures.

My application is a web application deployed on an apache server.
There is a browser on the symbol PDA that is connected to the WIFI and reads database.

How can I freeze the keyboard?
I don't think I can do it with a simple webpage ?

A friend of mine came up with the ida to make a full screen hava application with a field on it with a password running @background.
The person who knows the password can reduce the background application and uses fully the PDA.

I suppose the need there (to freeze keyboard) is common.
How can I do it ?
thank you.


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    843851 Member Posts: 19,484
  • 843851
    843851 Member Posts: 19,484
    It looks that nobody understands what you actually need. You are writing about web app then browser and then PDA. You should clearly define what's a platform you are developing on. Is it cldc or cdc?
    Pls use appropriate forums:
    cdc and personal profile
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    Thank you kTom.

    Well, I will try to explain it differently :

    I have a web application that can be run on anything (computer , pda , mobile phone ....) . It is deployed on a apache server in a computer.

    Here, I wanna read it from a web browser from a PDA. It works.
    But I don't want people using PDA to work around like going to the menu of the PDA ....

    How can I avoid people play with the PDA and freeze keyboard and the tactil thing stylet?

    The PDA is a symbol motorola.
    I know we can develop application with the PDA using

    emulator CDC crEme : or

    I want a whole idea.
    A friend of mine suggests to me developping a "background" application in Java ME fullscreen.
    I am pretty new in this Java Mobile and I am sure it is a common usage to block people from playing around with PDA ?

    For example, in libraries ,schools or even checkout (counter) , everywhere , you only have an application launched.
    And the employee can only uses it and nothing else.
    But here, It's internet explorer for windows CE and for my PDA that is used.

    I hope you better understand now?
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    843851 Member Posts: 19,484
    still anybody here?
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