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ld: fatal: file test.o: wrong machine class

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I have WS Pro 5.0 installed on a Solaris SPARC 2.7 64 bit Ultra system. I am trying to compile a c program called "test.c". I compile test.c with the following flags "-c -xarch=v9". From my understanding, the "-xarch=v9" is the flag to use for a 64 bit application. The initial compilation produces no errors or problems. Next I attempt to create the final executable by running: "cc test.o -o testing". The error message I receive is "ld: fatal: file test.o: wrong machine class".
I have been looking around to determine what the problem is but am unsure. I verified the kernel is 64 bit by running "isainfo -v" which returns the 64 bit value. Does anyone know what the story is here? I have not found anything by searching on the web site. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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