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how should I build a help system for Oracle forms apps ?

I am migrating an existing Oracle Forms Application to 9i - it currently is client-server, it uses the D2KHELP help system that Oracle provided.
My question is :

How do I write a help system for an Oracle form application ? Should I use this Oracle Help for the Web or Oracle Help for Java and will they work properly with 9i forms ?

I assume my existing help system will have to be rewritten.


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    Hi, Dominic. Your question of whether you should use Oracle Help for Java (OHJ) or Oracle Help for the Web (OHW) is answered by another question that you can hopefully answer yourself. If you want the help content to be installed on the client's machine, then you're best off using OHJ. If you'd like to host the help content on the server, then you ought to use OHW. The great thing about Oracle Help Technologies is that even if you commit to using one of our help systems, you can easily switch over to the other since we use the same help control files for both systems.

    You can find out more about Oracle Help by reading the Oracle Help Guide at

    You can deploy OHJ with any Java-based application, and OHW just needs a web browser.

    To download OHJ and OHW (they are both free), go to

    Hope this helps,
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