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Java plugin/browser refresh

816106 Member Posts: 2
edited Nov 19, 2010 8:30AM in Java Applet Development

I have an applet that behaves differently in Firefox 3.6.12 using the Java 1.6.0_22 version of the Java plugin than it does on other browsers. If the applet is running in a browser window and the user clicks the browser reload button, first the applet init() method is called and then stop(). With other browsers, it appears that the sequence is stop() followed by init().

The problem is that I have a server resource locked when the applet is running. When it closes or is refreshed, I'd like to send the server a message to unlock the resource and then relock it when the applet restarts. And that's how it works on other browsers.

I do have a workaround for my problem; however, it seems to me that the Firefox 3/Java 1.6_22 plugin combination is funky by not running stop() first. Did I miss something?



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