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FileNotFoundException \.\config\jps-config.xml and Incomplete reference

Hi All,

I'm writing a small Swing app in Jdev I'm using ADF Swing. The app access's a Derby database. It works fine in development environment (i.e. from within JDeveloper) until I try to run it from a .jar file. I get the following errors:
SEVERE: <dir>\.\config\jps-config.xml.

I create the 'config' directory under my deployment directory and put jps-config.xml in there and then I get the following error:
WARNING: Incomplete reference object for connection:<connection name>
Then this:
SEVERE: Both netc.view.DataBindings.cpx and <fully qualified reference>.adfnsrc.netc.view.DataBindings.cpx use the same usageID: PageDef reference here. I get one of these message for each page definition file.

In the latter case the app does come up but shows no data.

Does anyone have anything for me to try here?

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