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Oracle patch for MTS

262671 Member Posts: 7
Is there any one knows where we can find the oracle patch for mts : oracle9i under Windows2000
for oracle8i i find it under this site:

or for oracle9i there is ather way to run MTS ( Windows component services ; COM+ application)
thanks for any idea.


  • 310151
    310151 Member Posts: 2
    The ORAMTS component that originally shipped with Oracle 9i Release 2 was a debug version of the actual ORAMTS.DLL component. The incorrect component has a dependency on msvcrtd.dll (a debugging component included in Microsoft Visual C++) and will not function correctly on any machine that does not have msvcrtd.dll installed.

    The problem can be resolved via one of the following solutions:

    · Obtain and install Oracle 9i Patch 2428356
    (HIGHLY Recommended Solution)
    Oracle is aware of this problem and is providing a patch that contains the correct version of ORAMTS.DLL. Customers with a valid Oracle support contract may obtain this patch directly from Oracle.

    · Install msvcrtd.dll on the Accolade server
    (Alternative Solution)
    In the event that the Oracle patch cannot be obtained, the Accolade server may be patched with msvcrtd.dll. This solution has not been extensively tested and may cause instability or loss of performance.

    Note: The Microsoft development EULA forbids the redistribution of the msvcrtd.dll component! Production servers MUST be patched with the official Oracle patch!

  • 565985
    565985 Member Posts: 59
    I cannot find this patch for download.
    give me a link please

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