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Applets and IE/FF

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edited Nov 25, 2010 10:08AM in Java Applet Development
I run/develop an online multiplayer pool site in Java using applets. Everything has been relatively good untill recently with newer computers. The notebooks, etc, trigger IE or FF to zoom in on my page. This causes my applet to not zoom, but be in a zoomed in box, loosing a good portion of the applet.

Typically it's 125% zoom in IE, I have no idea in FF. When this happens, the chat area of the applet is gone, or you cant type anything. I have no way to communicate with new players that have this problem. New player sees a messed up site, and never comes back. It's a problem.

Although this is techincally a web problem, has any one else found a good solution for this? I need to trick IE into disabling zoom so things work properly.

It's most common on Windows 7 computers.

Thanks in advance.

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    815709 wrote:
    ..I need to trick IE into disabling zoom so things work properly. ..
    Trying to force browsers to do anything is a recipe for disaster and woe. Instead try to detect the change within your applet (does the area assigned to the applet change?) & if it is zoomed, pop a dialog to the player offering a free-floating version - which would solve all the browser zooming activity.
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