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Can download JAR, but JRE has FileNotFoundException Any ideas?

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edited Dec 10, 2010 12:15PM in Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

I am trying to diagnose an applet implementation issue on a remote server that I cannot control and can only access via public http and https. The applet is being served up as JAR file by IIS 6.x running on Windows 2003. The loading web page can successfully load and execute the applet when loading it from other resources. Attempts to load the file from the desired server yields http://.../Applet.jar (no permission or access add-on...), which would suggest that the file is not located at http://.../Applet.jar,
The file can be downloaded by directly accessing http://.../Applet.jar or https://.../Applet.jar.

ATM, I'm assuming that something (IIS, security layer) is obscuring access to the JRE's request for the JAR file.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any ideas for hunting down the culprit?



  • Michael Ferrante-Oracle
    Michael Ferrante-Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager USMember Posts: 7,205 Employee
    More information would be helpful:

    1. Which JRE version are you using?
    2. Have you enabled tracing in the JRE?
    3. Was the failing jar file signed?
    4. Have you carefully reviewed the path to the jar coded in your html?

    The complete content of the java console leading to the point of failure may be helpful. It may also be helpful to use a tool like Fiddler (link below) if the client is Windows. This will help you to verify that the request is going to the correct machine. The fact that you can directly download the file, but get a file not found when the JRE looks for it suggests that your reference to the jar may be incorrect. Looking at the console output or the Fiddler output, carefully review the entire url being used to request the file. Copy that URL from the console or whatever diag tool you choose to use and paste it in a browser. If it fails, you can assume the reference in your html is wrong. If it works, the problem is likely server side.

    Michael Ferrante

    Senior Principal Product Manager


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