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Provider problem in .asp page

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edited Dec 16, 2010 10:27AM in Oracle Provider for OLE DB

The actual provider in my ".asp" page on Windows Server 2003 + Oracle 9i client is : "Provider=_MSDAORA_;Data Source=xxx;User ID=yyy;Password=zzz;"

I've installed a Windows Server 2008, with Oracle 10g client and this provider doesn't work...

I've replaced with the following : "Provider=_OraOleDB.Oracle_;Data Source=xxx;User ID=yyy;Password=zzz;"

It works fine... But all the queries return only ONE ROW !

If i replace with

* "Provider=_{Oracle in Ora10G}_;Data Source=xxx;User ID=yyy;Password=zzz;"* It works fine...

What's the problem with _OraOleDB.Oracle_ ????

Best Regards

Edited by: user8824402 on 16-déc.-2010 7:26

Edited by: user8824402 on 16-déc.-2010 7:26
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