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Interacting With Oracle Db From Vba Without Oracle Client On Pc?

447194 Member Posts: 125
edited Jan 18, 2011 2:24PM in Oracle Provider for OLE DB
We have xls report which is written in VBA. It uses Oracle connections. This report can be used more than 1000 users. In this case all the 1000 users need to be installed Oracle client @ their places?



  • gdarling - oracle
    gdarling - oracle Member Posts: 2,034
    edited Jan 18, 2011 2:24PM
    Yes, Oracle's ODBC/OLEDB and Microsoft's OLEDB/ODBC for Oracle require Oracle client software.

    You could try installing the client software on a mapped drive, but that's not technically a supported configuration so you'd have to put some effort into getting it to work and/or troubleshooting it. The ODBC or OLEDB provider itself would still have to be installed on the local machine though.

    Or, you could use DataDirect's ODBC or OLEDB provider, which does not require Oracle client installation.

    Hope it helps,
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