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Linked Server - SQL 2008

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edited Jan 18, 2011 2:13PM in Oracle Provider for OLE DB
I am having a problem with Linked Server on SQL 2008 and Oracle 9i, when i query against my linked server to Oracle (ORAOLEDB.Oracle) , the sql server was bringing all the rows in the Oracle database, than filtering in the SQL Server processor. I am doing a simple query (select * from LS...contract where nuContract = 1 ( pk))

fon the Oracle we have 50 millions of contracts,, than i just need one, but the SQL trys to "download" all the table to local, than filter in local.

Thanks for the help,


  • I don't claim to be a SQLServer guru, or well, even moderately intelligent at it, but you might want to try using OpenQuery instead of linked server directly.

    select * from openquery(MYLINKNAME,'select * from table where pk=1)

    Hope it helps, corrections/comments welcome.
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