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No action instance for path /ESM_IMAction could be created


I am using Weblogic 10.3 server. I have develpoed an webapplication using struts1.2 framework. I export the Project as .ear file and deployed in my local machine and it is working fine in my local machine. I moved the same .ear file to my test server environment(unix server AIX 5.3), where weblogic 10.3 server have been installed. I deployed the .ear file there. When i try to access the application URL it error out as "No action instance for path /ESM_IMAction could be created".

I didnt found any error messages in log files. I check the struts-config.xml and Action class files. Every thing looks fine.

<form-bean name="ESM_IMForm"
type="com.bsw.netmax.forms.ESM_IMForm" />

<action path="/ESM_IMAction"
type="com.bsw.netmax.action.ESM_IMAction" name="ESM_IMForm"
scope="session" validate="true">
<forward name="esm_impage" path="ESM_IMPage" />

Pls help to resolve this problem

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