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Replication OGG Oracle to MySQL

820117 Member Posts: 8
edited Feb 21, 2011 3:29PM in GoldenGate
Hi Guys,,

i want to try OGG Replication from DB Oracle to DB MySQL..

anybody can help me to share documentations or anything which describe the steps from installation untill configuration please,,



  • stevencallan
    stevencallan Member Posts: 3,459
    edited Feb 21, 2011 3:29PM
    The best first place to start is the respective installation guides for each RDBMS. From there, the installation details and data type restrictions will be of interest. The Oracle install is practically a no-brainer, the MYSQL connection part is probably the hardest thing to figure out.

    Use a data pump extract so trail files/contents don't get lost in case of communications failure between servers. Get familiar with using defgen and understand how that works (and placement of output files).

    If you are going from Oracle to MySQL, then on the Oracle server:
    --create a primary extract group, use exttrail and create trails on that server
    --use a secondary extract group (a data pump) to push the trails to the replicat on the MySQL box
    --use a replicat on the MySQL box to perform the SQL Apply

    You will need a manager process on both servers. You can use OS authentication (possibly) on the MySQL box
    Create a database user (e.g., ggs) with appropriate privileges (simplest is to grant DBA to ggs on Oracle, and whatever user you need on MySQL to do insert/update/delete any table
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