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GG with thread


Can any one please clarify on this... I'm going to use GG replication with the following scenario,

1. Single unix server with two oracle instance (dev and qa)

2. Dev instance replicating data to two target database which is located in different places.

Now i want to setup the QA(one more instance running on the same server) instance as one more source and two other target dbs, in this scenario .. my single server having two source dbs(one is dev , another one is qa) and single GG software installation, if i'm setup the above configuration what are the parts i have to concentrate and what are the issues we will be getting for this kind of setup? and one more question apart from this if my target db running on RAC mode , if is there any specific parameter needs to be configured in replicat process(like THREADS in extract prm).. your help is verymuch helpful to implement this thanks in advance.
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