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Platform Migration using GG

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edited Mar 19, 2011 10:42AM in GoldenGate

We are positioning golden gate to perform Platform migartion from HP-UX to Linux on Oracle
The size of the source database is 2TB. There are few large tables >300GB.
We are planning to have very minimal downtime for Migration.

How can the large tables be refreshed in the target. ( If we do it outside Golden gate what is the best approach )

Appreciate if you can share your experience on Platform migartion using GG.



  • stevencallan
    stevencallan Member Posts: 3,459
    There is no limit on the size of the table. The only limit is time, as in, how long do you want this to take? Although GG can do an initial load for you, the general advice is to use a native RDBMS tool as that is likely to be faster. Not to say that GG can't do it, just depends on how long you want to spend on this (plus keep up with ongoing transactions while this is cooking). You may want to consider using transportable tablespaces (and take care of endian between the platforms, big to little).

    Within GG, your choices are:
    file to replicat
    file to database utility
    direct load
    direct bulk load (good choice but has some datatype limitations)

    Also, you want CDC set up ahead of time to keep up with ongoing transactions. And use multiple extract/replicat processes.

    Look at tuning your network too. There are some MAA whitepapers (Streams and Data Guard, dealing with redo transport services) with details about this.
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