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COM+ and ORACLE 10g - Unable to enlist in the transaction

Hi Experts,

Platform: ASP.NET, COM+, Oracle 10g (, all installed on the same system.

I am using ADO.NET APIs in my COM+ components to insert and update records in the Oracle DB. Everything was working fine including the COM+ Transaction support, till I was using the Microsoft ODBC for Oracle (MSORCL32.DLL ver 2.576.3959.00). When we migrated the application to support Globalization, it was found that Microsoft ODBC for Oracle does not support Unicode and therefore we have to use the ODBC driver (SQORA32.DLL ver shipped by Oracle to get the Unicode support.

After changing to the Oracle ODBC Drive (SQORA32.DLL ), we found that all the COM+ module that requires Transaction support is not working and throwing "Unable to enlist in the transaction" error.

Can you please suggest me the possible solutions preferably without much changes to the code?

Hope I had share enough information to explain the problem, please do let me know if more information is required.

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