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ORA-06520/ORA-06522 Error loading library/only ET_DYN and ET_EXEC

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edited May 25, 2011 6:38PM in SQL & PL/SQL
Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to setup a trigger to run a shell script on my oracle server and I'm receiving the following errors:

ORA-06520: PL/SQL: Error loading external library
ORA-06522: /opt/oracle/vbl/ only ET_DYN and ET_EXEC can be loaded

I've tried googling ET_DYN and ET_EXEC but I can't find anything useful that makes sense.

My c code: (shell.c)
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

void sh(char *);

void sh( char *cmd ) {
int num;
num = system(cmd);

Was compiled into .o and .so files.

Google says to check 'nm' but I don't really know what I'm looking for:
nm -g
0000000000000000 T sh
U system

I've been using this as a roughish guide:

I'm very confused about where to go from here... advice greatly appreciated!

Thanks :-)


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    716107 Member Posts: 84
    edited May 25, 2011 6:38PM
    The following command:
    ld -shared -o shell.o

    ld: shell.o: relocation R_X86_64_32 against `a local symbol' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
    shell.o: could not read symbols: Bad value

    If I attempt to recompile with '-fPIC' I get:
    /usr/lib64/gcc/x86_64-suse-linux/4.1.2/../../../../lib64/crt1.o: In function `_start':
    init.c:(.text+0x20): undefined reference to `main'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

    In the end the following worked:
    gcc -fPIC -DSHARED_OBJECT -c shell.c
    ld -shared -o shell.o
    file ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, AMD x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), not stripped

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