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Applet accidentally requests Java Core API classes from network

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edited Aug 1, 2011 8:43PM in Java Applet Development

starting an applet from a customers client machine (IE7, Windows XP, Standard JRE Installation of Java 1.6.0_26), I see in the tomcat access log entries signalizing that core java api classes are accidentally requested from the server:

"GET /mywebapp/applet/java/lang/StringBuilder.class HTTP/1.1" 404 1156 0
"GET /mywebapp/applet/javax/swing/JPanel.class HTTP/1.1" 404 1141 0
"GET /mywebapp/applet/java/net/JarURLConnection.class HTTP/1.1" 404 1162 0
"GET /mywebapp/applet/java/util/jar/JarEntry.class HTTP/1.1" 404 1153 0
"GET /mywebapp/applet/java/util/jar/JarFile.class HTTP/1.1" 404 1150 0

Although tomcat responses with HTTP 404, the applet works fine.

1. For me, it looks like a security risk when the browser tries to load system classes from the network instead of using the local files from the jre dir, doesn't it?
2. When starting the applet from my local machine (different network), no tomcat logfile entries are generated. An interesting fact is, that in the customer network, the applet "codebase" parameter in the HTML source gets modifed by a proxy server for whatever reason like the following:

<applet codebase="">

becomes some kind of:

<applet codebase="">

It seems that such codebases confuse the classloader. Any ideas about that?

Thank you so much for any hints!


  • 817614
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    edited Aug 1, 2011 5:28PM
    How do you observe the "mangled" codebase? If possible could you provide more details simple data and steps to reproduce the behavior. If these have to involve private information, you might want to open a bug or support case. At very least please provide the HTML snippet for the applet.

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  • EJP
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    <applet codebase="">
    So you're loading individual .class files from the codebase? Don't do that, put them into a JAR and specify the JAR file(s) as the codebase. Much more efficient and it may solve this problem too.
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