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Application won't run if ressource .txt are included after deployment

I finished a project that plays .wav and .mp3 files as a SoundBox. In JDev, everything works perfectly. Once deployed, I can get the .jar to run if the 2 main .txt are not present in the .jar directory (the application uses them to load everything) but of course the window is empty. If I copy the 2 .txt in the same directory as my .jar, the .jar simply won't start. (or maybe it does and closes right away, I don't know)

I use the mp3spi1.9.5 library to read MP3 but even when I only include the .txt for .wav files, it still won't open. I made sure all the resources I need for this application are present in the right directory.

It seems like the application cannot read the .txt file once deployed. (using BufferedReader).

Any ideas as to what is provoking this and how to fix it?

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