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Urgent: Tomcat 6.0.20 on Solaris 10 hangs when max thread reached

880335 Member Posts: 2

I'm the oracle on-site consultant and mainly an OS/HW person but trying to help with their Java/Apache/Tomcat issues. In their stress test Tomcat reaches a point where it no longer services requests.

I have current explorer but need to analyize it. I have all their info on my blog, including thread dumps when the system hangs.

Can someone who knows Tomcat/Apache on Solaris 10 take a look?



  • EJP
    EJP Member Posts: 32,920 Gold Crown
    edited Aug 5, 2011 7:43PM
    I take strong exception to this. These forums are not here to provide free support to Oracle. If you can't find the resources you need within Oracle you need to hire the relevant expertise.

    It's getting to be a trend and it needs to stop. We were recently invited to decompile and debug Oracle's JDBC driver 'for the good of the community' or words to that effect, and to increase our reputations. Instead of the people who are paid to do so doing so.

    And finally there is a long-established view here that your time management issues are your own, which tends towards posts marked 'urgent' being ignored.

    Locking the thread.
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