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Making Money on Desktop Applications Solo?

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edited Sep 28, 2011 3:01AM in Java Desktop Applications
Hi I'm a college graduate in computer science. I have been having trouble getting a job in programming. I would like to program and make money from it. I really would like to make money asap off of coding. I'm not a professional and an entry level java developer. I mostly know how to program with swing, so mainly GUI swing programming.

My question is what is the fastest way to make money from coding in Java solo being at entry level?

Should I try to make a desktop application and make it shareware??

Or should try to learn Java EE and make a web application and make money through ads or something?

Please any tips or resources to help me in my situation would be great. Also leads or tips on how to get on projects for pay or actually getting a Java Development job at my level (entry level) would be nice also any tips on improving my skill or suggestion of what skill level i should be at to make money off java coding would be fine too,

but my main concern right now is how to make money off of java coding solo asap...


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