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Need for blog website Framework

558301 Member Posts: 39
I am quite new to JSP, and I have been ask to develop a blog website with jsp.
Can someone tell me what is the best jsp framework to develop a website where people can create blogs.


  • gimbal2
    gimbal2 Senior software engineer NetherlandsMember Posts: 11,949 Gold Trophy
    If you're new, you should not be using any framework at all. Try to get it done with servlets, JSPs & JSTL only. Once you've done a project or two, then start looking at frameworks. You'll probably choose one that doesn't use JSPs at all.
  • 558301
    558301 Member Posts: 39
    Thanks for the answer.
    In fact I have a project to be submitted by December and I am supposed to use one framework in the completion of that project.
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