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I am new to JSP. I have an assignment in which, I have to create a JSP webpage to allow the user to enter some values. These values need to be saved in a database (mysql). My JSP webpage and the database are in different subsystems, part of a big project. So java rmi is used for inter subsystem communication. Is that possible to invoke methods through rmi using jsp client ?? Is there any tutorial ,reference docs or any sample code available ?? Please help...


  • DrClap
    DrClap Member Posts: 25,479
    You can certainly use RMI code in your JSP, although it would be far from best practice. It would be far better to do that in your page controller -- a servlet, perhaps, or some object created by the servlet for that purpose. JSPs are part of the view and shouldn't be used for non-view activities like updating a database.

    As for tutorials: of course. Since you're going to be writing the code in Java, your google keywords are "java rmi tutorial".
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