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Data Input English with URDU Language

Bluesky_18011971 Member Posts: 68 Blue Ribbon
edited Nov 21, 2011 1:48AM in Forms
Dear brother


Well I am still Surprise that No one response in this regard.....Waiting your support and response.

I want to do some inputs in URDU, ENGLISH mix in my Form.

For example:
I put the name in Item Name : Pepsi Cola 200 ml..............The same item name input need in URDU but the (200 ml) is in Number & English. Its mean that I want to do inputs in URDU, NUMBERS, ENLISH.

After the inputs we required to print in URDU also.

I also want to understand step by step solution

I am using Database 10g on Windows SERVER 2003 NLS_LANGUAGE = AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8MSWIN1252.
I am using Forms6i & Report6i on Windows 7.

If any one having a solution please forward to me
Muhammad Uzair


  • Syed Khawar
    Syed Khawar Member Posts: 12
    your current NLS_LANG does not support urdu/arabic, we are using Arabic here but no major difference for you, you do the following steps.

    1. at form level change your NLS_LANG to any character set which support right to left languages, we are using AMERICAN_AMERICA.AR8MSWIN1256
    2. DB level change your NLS_LANG as above.
    3. you must have urdu support in Win7, add urdu as a non-unicode language in System Locale go to Control Panel -> Region Language -> Administrative(tab) -> Change System Locale(button), change current "System Locale" to URDU(restart machine if prompt)
    4. for reports make sure you select the common font types for your Urdu text, since you have using Dev6i(C/S version) my advice for you to use Arabic Transparent, Times new Roman(Google for more common fonts).

    Hope it will help you to read and print reports in your required language.

    Syed Khawar.
    Muhammad Uzair
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