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About jdk 1.7

820459 Member Posts: 13
One of my application's login fails when using jdk 1.7.0_01. It works fine in 1.6 and earlier. Can someone hint me on where I need to investigate?


  • gimbal2
    gimbal2 Member Posts: 11,949 Gold Trophy
    Nope, impossible without any kind of hint. You say "fail", how? How did you implement the login and what errors are you getting?
  • 820459
    820459 Member Posts: 13
    Fail in the sense I mean the login page freezes off with the submit button appearing greyed eventhough the credentials are a valid one. The application does not move forward to the next expected page. As pointed before the same scenario when reproduced with jdk 1.6 the application moves forward from login to home page.
  • gimbal2
    gimbal2 Member Posts: 11,949 Gold Trophy
    Okay, so perhaps your application server / servlet engine is not compatible with JDK 7 then. It is a bit harsh to blame this on JDK 7 directly, there are layers of software in between. I would scout around for some bug reports and/or new versions of the server.
  • 820459
    820459 Member Posts: 13
    A little more testing was done on this application failing to login and following were the findings w.r.t Mozilla browser.

    Test environment: Windows 7 x64

    When the application is opened,
    1. In Mozilla x64(Namoroka, Minefield), I find the application to login successfully.
    2. In Mozilla x86, I find the application's login to fails.

    So does this hint that the application expects a similarity between the OS and browser bit versions? Pls correct if I am wrong. On the IE side I want to know if IE x86 will actualy work on a x64 bit machine coz when I downloaded one such(x86 browser to my x64 machine) it stopped the installation citing the same.

    Also, I find IE's to be present under my "Program Files" and "Program Files(x86)" folders. If my understanding is correct, Windows by default pushes the home directories of an application to respective folders mentioned above depending on their bit verisons. So can I say that I have IE 64 bit and 32 bit browsers in my machine coz I am unable to get the browser bit versions from the help page.

    Any insights pls.
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