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New to Java

elsaka Member Posts: 59
Dear All ,
How are you ?
I am new to Java and want to learn it to could continue to ADF .
But till now i can't find the way to begin java.
Please i need anyone to tell me the way to begin learning java , i mean the steps to reach to ADF .
Also i need Any useful books to do that .
Waiting your comments ......


  • gimbal2
    gimbal2 Member Posts: 11,949 Gold Trophy
    ADF, you probably mean Oracle ADF as in an extension to Javaserver Faces.

    Then you have a long road ahead of you. How long depends on what you already know and you personally. You don't know Java, but what about basic software engineering theory? Do you know such things as networking, software architecture, object oriented programming, etc. ? If not then I highly suggest you start with a "fun" book like Head First Java 2nd edition and get to grips with not only the language, but software development in general. You may want to pick up some additional books that deal with software engineering in general and not Java specifically.

    Whatever you do, learn the language and the tools first. Java Standard Edition, version 6 or 7 whatever you can get affordable books for with good reviews. You most likely will spend a few weeks or months learning it; Java is far from easy. I really advise you to pick a project for yourself and work towards finishing it. I always suggest to do simple games as the fun factor involved helps you to learn and hold on to knowledge. Do a command prompt hangman or a Memory game built using Java Swing or JavaFX 2 if you want to be really up to date.

    When you are really, really comfortable with the language and the tools, you should begin with the basics of Java web development. If you have no prior experience with web development you again have a long road ahead of you as you'll need to dig into networking and the internet, the HTTP protocol, HTML, Javascript and CSS. When you know at least the basics there you are best off starting with Java Servlet technology, for which I always recommend this free book:

    I would start your explorations of Java web development using the Apache Tomcat 7 servlet container if I were you; it is the easiest to use and understand and it doesn't expose you to all the complexities that full Java Enterprise Edition application servers will force you to endure.

    When you can configure and make servlets & JSP technology work for you, you can make the step to Javaserver Faces 2.1. JSF has a very steep learning curve, but at least it has become slightly easier with the 2.0 release. At this point you may also want to take a look at Oracle Weblogic 12, which you will probably want to use given your requirement to use ADF. When you are familiar with JSF 2 (which can again take weeks), add ADF to the mix and prepare to spend a weeks or months getting to grips with it. Again: no easy technology.

    Unless you are some kind of super human, I really expect you to spend the better part of a year to get to where you need to go, especially if you don't employ some form of schooling. There is a lot of information, skill and knowledge you have to absorb here, I hope you are prepared for that.
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