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java se7 OCM certification

rava Member Posts: 107

Is there any info about plans for JAVA SE7 OCM certification?



  • dba-india
    dba-india Member Posts: 1,497 Bronze Badge
    All oracle certifications can be found in below link, if you don't see se7 in the list then it is not available and nobody knows the future plans of oracle certifications,
  • rava
    rava Member Posts: 107

    thanks for reply.
    yes, of course I know where all available certification tracks listed :)
    "nobody knows the future plans of oracle certifications" - nobody except oracle, but unfortunately it seems that no people from oracle here who can give any useful points...
  • rava
    rava Member Posts: 107
    edited Jan 26, 2012 4:27AM
    I found it here

    Will there be a Master-level Developer level for Java SE 7?
    A Master-level credential for SE 7 is under evaluation for possible development.

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  • gimbal2
    gimbal2 Member Posts: 11,949 Gold Trophy
    edited Jan 26, 2012 4:46AM
    and it will probably not see the light of day, because by the time it is developed Java 8 will be either nearing release of already be released.
  • rava
    rava Member Posts: 107
    Who knows...
    Not so long time ago Oracle reanimate OCP track for Forms 11g which many people consider as dead :)
    So I think and se7 have a chance :)
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