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could you help me in that please

912237 Member Posts: 1
i want to make a page with
1-default value x=0 ,, and checking value of it from (site A) every 1 second
2- hidden download link to be show only if x=1
3-scentence (make search to get download link)
4-another clickable link is shown which open the other site (site A) in dependend window
5-(site A) has 2 frames upper is,lower contains a button that typed in it click this

button after submitting your search and it is clickable after 20 seocnds from opening the page when

you click on it it changes the first page value of x to 1

could you help me in that ,,,
thax alot


  • gimbal2
    gimbal2 Member Posts: 11,949 Gold Trophy
    No, because you have nothing that you can be helped with. You'll have to make effort yourself. Start implementing it (which will probably also mean doing lots of research to figure out how to do certain things) and when you get stuck, come here and ask for specific help.

    Seeing how you cannot even make a start apparently, I suggest you study this free online book:
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