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Support for Multilingual Numeral Input in JTextField swing component

When the User Locale is changed from the regional & language options in the control panel and the standard digits are customized to a non Latin character set, all the windows applications adhere to the changes made. HTML also respects the changes in effect and displays any numeric values using the new character set, which are the national digits for many Eastern Locales such as Chinese, Arabic(Saudi Arabia), Urdu and many more. The JTextField swing component given by java, however, does not show any support to the new settings. Any numeric input is displayed in the Latin character set even when the input locale of the system is also changed respectively. Any text input for this case is correctly displayed in the desired literals and appropriate glyphs. However, unlike the AWT components, numeral input and display is not catered as per the user/developer's requirements. This behavior was first noticed in 2007, as far as i have found out, and was reported once again on the same thread in 2010. The thread is given below as a reference. No action or response has been taken. Kindly look into this matter and please let me know if this bug has been reported before and if there is any intent of providing a fix for it.


Aitzaz Ahmad
Software Engineer
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