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MSSQL Linked server VIEW shows duplicate column names

I am trying to connect from local MSSQL server to Remote Oracle Server via a MSSQL linked-server. I have successfully established the connection. However there is a weird problem when i query Views on the Oracle server. I see duplicate columns on every view i query. For example lets say the Oracle server has a view called ROW_COUNTS that stores the table names and row counts for each table

From MSSQL server i do this
Right click on the view name -> Script View as -> Select to -> New Query Editor Window

And this is what i get


As you can see, each column is duplicated 3 times
i can query and see all the data, but everything is duplicated 3 times

Below are additional details

OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 standard with Service Pack 1 (up to date) - 64bit
MSSQL SERVER: 2008 R2 running
MSSQL Server Management Studio: V 10.50.1600.1
Oracle Server: 11g
Driver Used to connect: OraOLEDB.Oracle (Oracle Provider for OLD DB )

I do not know where the problem lies ( is it MS Studio or the Oracle Driver )

Has anyone faced this problem ? Currently we can circumvent this by creating local views and selecting all columns from the remote views - but i think this must be solved from the driver or studio software

Thanks for you time

There is a thread in the MSSQL forums if you are interested
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