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Reverse Engineering tool - information required.

750407 Member Posts: 17
We have a requirement in which we need to reverse engineer the java code to UML diagram. The diagram should display the relationship between the class and should support importing the source code from the folder or using jar. Also support for sequence diagram is also required.
We had tried IBM RSA(Transformation) , AgroUML 0.34 and both has failed to cater our needs. Any suggestion is welcomed


  • EJP
    EJP Member Posts: 32,920 Gold Crown
    Your needs being what? and not being satisfied by those products in what ways?
  • 750407
    750407 Member Posts: 17
    Our requirement is to create a UML Class representation for the source code. The requirement is provided a java source code from a third party generate the UML diagram using the reverse engineering tools.

    The problem with IBM RSA is that it creates Just the model presentation of the class and we need to manaually provide the relationship between the class the same is the case with the AgroUMl. We have tried the Transformation feature of the IBM RSA tool. if you create a blank classdiagram and drag and drop individual class fille then it creates the relationship. But that is not our requirement.

    I hope i am clear this time.
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