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Using jLiveID. javax.xml.soap.SOAPException


Is it possible that I may have some guidance on this issue please:

I am using jLiveID (a free API,

I have JDeveloper 11g, I created a new Generic Application, included the jLive-id.jar and other jLiveID related files.
Other libraries are: JSP Runtime, Java EE 1.5, Oracle SOAP.

I created one jsp and calling the following code from it:

SecurityToken securityToken = new LogonManager().logon("mydomain", "theuser", "thepassword");
out.println("Logon succeeded!");
out.println("Passport Token: " + securityToken.getBinarySecurityToken());

But it is throwing following exceptions:

javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: There was no Content-Type header


[[email protected][app:WindowsLiveTest module:WindowsLiveTest path:/WindowsLiveTest spec-version:2.5]] Servlet failed with Exception

Any assistance in getting this API work with me will be really appreciated. Thanks.
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