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Java EE SDK and GlassFish installation

936708 Member Posts: 1
I have downloaded the latest JavaEE SDK for Windows (java_ee_sdk-6u4-windows.exe). I also have set a system variable named JAVA_HOME which holds the absolute path for JDK directory.

While installing JavaEE SDK, I had also to install GlassFish. But, there is a GUI error which do not let me configure the GlassFish server (see the screenshot, Basically, the text fields\boxes have no width for the input.

Any way to solve the issue? Is it a known bug?


  • gimbal2
    gimbal2 Member Posts: 11,949 Gold Trophy
    The so called JavaEE SDK is nothing more than a bundle download. Glassfish is a server container which implements the enterprise edition specification; one of many such containers I might add. What you are downloading here is Glassfish + JDK 6 + some documentation, nothing more. So if you are having trouble with it, you can always try to download and install Glassfish standalone here:

    (the top download) and see if that installer gives you better results; you are not the first to have trouble installing the bundle package. But also realize that Glassfish is not your only option; you could also take a look at JBoss 7.1 for example to see if that is more to your liking. I'm biased because I'm a JBoss user myself ;) The wiki gives a nice overview of all compliant containers:,_Enterprise_Edition
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