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Oracle documentation on details of AWR report

Bobby Durrett
Bobby Durrett Member Posts: 140 Blue Ribbon
edited Jun 6, 2012 1:50PM in General Database Discussions
A coworker of mine asked if there was any documentation from Oracle that listed all of the parts of the AWR report and what each meant. I was taken back because I don't think there is. There are third party books that talk about AWR reports and their predecessor Statspack reports. Oracle has some notes on their support site about reading an AWR or Statspack report. All I found in the official documentation was some basic information about how to run an AWR report and an overview of what it was. It would be nice to have some sort of documentation that lists out each section and explains the units and purpose.

Anyway, if there is some document that I'm missing on this I would appreciate your help.

- Bobby


  • Aman....
    Aman.... Member Posts: 22,919 Gold Crown
    No, there is not anything that actually comes closer to what your co-worker is looking for. The documentation explains the meaning of the wait events and the statistics but doesn't really go ahead in a part by part explanation of the section AFAIK.

  • mseberg
    mseberg Member Posts: 7,004 Silver Crown
    edited Jun 4, 2012 8:44PM

    Here's what I have :

    Best Regards


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  • Karan
    Karan Member Posts: 989 Bronze Badge
    Which section you are confused with ??
  • Bobby Durrett
    Bobby Durrett Member Posts: 140 Blue Ribbon
    Thanks for the feedback. My understanding is that the AWR report comes from the DBA_HIST views which are snapshots of the V$ views. So, one could study the views and probably figure out which of them feed the various sections of the AWR report. Still, it would be nice if there was at least a simple list somewhere of each section of the AWR report and the name of the associated DBA_HIST view.

    If someone has done this that would be great to know.

    - Bobby
  • Jonathan Lewis has a series on statspack. AWR basically is a superset of statspack.
    The URL has been posted many, many times here, but the search function is a disaster and no one uses it anyway, which is why the questions which have already been answered many times keep coming in.

    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA
  • askraks
    askraks Member Posts: 681
    I appreciate your question.

    I read this more than 100 times( 228913.1) when i with Oracle Corporation.
    I would suggest please follow this apporach

    1) What is locks?
    2) What is latch and mutex? diffrent latch and mutex on memory pools?
    3) wait events
    4) Systemwide Tuning using STATSPACK Reports [ID 228913.1] <<<<< read this atleast for 10 times.
    5) then start work on sql tuning

    Hope this helps you.

    Kind Regards,
  • Bobby Durrett
    Bobby Durrett Member Posts: 140 Blue Ribbon
    I think the Jonathan Lewis link is That seems like a helpful collection of information.

    Also, I was looking at Oracle note 1359094.1 - FAQ: How to Use AWR reports to Diagnose Database Performance Issues. This note refers to the Statspack note 228913.1 that was mentioned as well as others that I'm sure are helpful.

    I think all these sources are good. Years ago I learned about Statspack from Don Burleson's Oracle 9i Statpack book which was great because it was not only about Statspack but talked about augmenting statspack tables with operating system information. This was similar to Craig Shallahamer's OSM scripts that snapshot the V$ tables and also save OS - VMSTAT, etc.

    But, I was thinking that AWR reports might have detailed section by section documentation that statspack didn't have because AWR reports are part of an extra cost feature, but that does not appear to be the case.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

    - Bobby
  • Bobby Durrett
    Bobby Durrett Member Posts: 140 Blue Ribbon
    Bottom line is that there isn't detailed documentation from Oracle on the contents of an AWR report. But, there is a lot of helpful information from Oracle support and other third parties on reading an AWR or Statspack report and using them to diagnose performance problems.
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