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how to delete values from af:selectManyShuttle component?

900578 Member Posts: 75 Green Ribbon
edited Aug 1, 2012 1:59PM in JDeveloper and ADF
I want to select values from left panel of selectManyShuttle component and on click of delete button i want to remove those values from the list.
Any idea on how to acheive this?
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  • 783906
    783906 Member Posts: 38
    The where is the delete button in the "select many shuttle" ? It only has the <,<<,>,>> shuttle buttons.
    Do you mean to say that you select a few components, then you want to delete them using another button on your page ?
    Is there an iterator for the rows displayed in the shuttle ? Can you get the selected items from the shuttle and delete them ?

    It would be nice if you provided more information about what you were trying to do and what you needed help with.
  • Sudipto Desmukh
    Sudipto Desmukh Member Posts: 2,287
    edited Jul 31, 2012 6:12PM
    This should help -
    See section explaining the Custom 'Clear' button. You can take it from there.
  • 900578
    900578 Member Posts: 75 Green Ribbon
    Outside Shuttle component i want to have a delete button.
    So when i select the values from left panel without moving it to right panel just mouse click and then if i click the delete button , it shld delete the selected values.
    Issue is how to get those selected values as valuechanglistner also fires only when we move the item back n forth.
    Is there a way we can get hold of selected values with out moving it to right panel.

    Sudipto, i saw that clear option, but in my case that wont work,i explained above.
  • 900578
    900578 Member Posts: 75 Green Ribbon
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