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Eclipse SVN. Adding a Repository URL

951750 Member Posts: 9
I have installed eclipse and now trying to add a repository URL.Usually I goto

SVN repository exploring right click -> New -> Repository location

and give the url from where i need to download. But now, if i goto SVN repository exploring i see a tab named task repositories. If i rightclick I get only the option to add Task repository. I dont see the tab SVN repository or SVN Annotate. Why is it so? Am i missing something?


  • gimbal2
    gimbal2 Member Posts: 11,949 Gold Trophy
    Besides the fact that there is a perfectly fine Eclipse forum on the Eclipse website, you neglect to mention which version of Eclipse you're using, which variant of Eclipse you're using (standard, enterprise, ...) or which SVN plugin you're using. If you want to be helped take a little time to provide prudent information.

    Now, you mention "repository exploring" so I guess you're talking about the perspective of the same name. There are multiple ways to get to Rome like usual, that is my favorite one too with pretty flowers and rocks along the way. And apart from that I can't say anything more - "on my system it works". I don't even know where that task repository tab is coming from, I don't see any view that matches the name. Perhaps you have some other plugin installed that is getting in your way. What I'd try is to go to the show view dialog and manually selecting SVN -> SVN repositories. That should open the repositories tab like you're used to.
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