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[Workaround/Call For Action] Serious limitations of JGSS under Windows 7

Michael-O Member Posts: 16 Blue Ribbon
Hi folks,

many of your have probably stumbled upon the problems of JGSS and Windows 7's UAC/LSA limitations. This issue is already known by Oracle under bug 6722928 [1] with an available patch for years! I have mailed [2] the security-dev mailing list of the OpenJDK group to step in action/clarify the issue.

For those of you who suffer from this bug, please mail to the mailing list and leave your comments and votes in the Oracle bug tracker.

There is a unfortunate temporary workaround for that issue which can free you from the shackles:
You have to call kinit in the bin directory of Java. JGSS will pick up that ticket and ignore anything in the LSA. This will make it work but in a very ugly way.


[2][email protected]/msg05287.html
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