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Java7 javaFileListFlavor Drag n' Drop Crashing PowerPoint

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edited Oct 28, 2013 3:54PM in Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT)
I submitted a bug report about this, but wanted to get some more feedback just in case there was something small I was missing or a possible workaround. We have an Applet that allows people to drag a list of images into PowerPoint. The feature uses the javaFileListFlavor to pass a list of UNC paths to get them to load. Anyone that has upgraded to Java 7 will have their PowerPoint lock up and crash when using this feature. However, Java 6 still works. While testing it, I tried stripping it down to just using AWT DND libraries with the exact same result. I was wondering if this is truly a JRE bug that I will have to wait for Oracle to fix or if anyone had some more insight or workaround in mind to try. In the bug report, I have a stand alone version written that demonstrates the problem.


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    I'm also experiencing the same issue as the original poster and would appreciate some form of response/feedback to the problem. I'm not sure if anyone is aware of this or if anything is being done to resolve the problem, but some acknowledgment would be appreciated. Thanks, guys.
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    I've also run into this same problem as the OP using Java 7 (JRE's 17, 25, 40, & 45 all fail in the same way).  Oracle seems to be a wall of silence on this issue as the link to the bug report in the OP only brings up "This bug is not available."  Both PowerPoint 2010 and 2007 showed the same crashing behavior, but did discover that an image file drag and drop from a JRE 7 app does work correctly with PowerPoint 2013.  Sure would be interesting to know if the problem is a PowerPoint bug or JRE issue.  Our customer does not like to hear "upgrade to Office 2013" as a solution, nor do we want to revert back to Java 6!

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