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non-secure OS, can't install new versions [ This version is excluded ]

madmax007 Member Posts: 6
edited Oct 31, 2012 12:12PM in PHP
I had apache2 enabled in a zone and installed php52 on top of it. this worked well ast week.

Then someone needed php53, so i deinstalled php-52 and accompying products.

I tried to install php-53 but it complained about a blocked reference

Creating Plan /
pkg install: No matching version of web/php-53 can be installed:
Reject: pkg://solaris/web/[email protected],5.11-
Reason: All versions matching 'require' dependency pkg:/system/[email protected],5.11- are rejected
Reject: pkg://solaris/system/[email protected],5.11-
Reason: This version is excluded by installed incorporation pkg://solaris/consolidation/osnet/[email protected],5.11-

At first i thought i needed to update the Solaris 11 core, so i updated all the OS. I rebooted and tried again, but the same error persists.

I searched for the error and found little info about it. someone mentions that you need a support contract, but WE DO HAVE A CONTRACT!

I tried to get back to php-52, but now also apache-php52 package complains about this so i'm lost completely.

Does anyone know how to solve this?


  • Christopher Jones-Oracle
    Christopher Jones-Oracle Member Posts: 1,657 Employee
    I'll ask a Solaris person to look at this post.

    Since you have a support contract you could alternatively log a Service Request. Let us know if you do this.
  • Hello.

    You're mixing versions of the OS which won't work.

    Reject: pkg://solaris/web/[email protected],5.11-

    175.1 indicates Solaris 11.1.

    Reason: This version is excluded by installed incorporation pkg://solaris/consolidation/osnet/[email protected],5.11-

    175.0 indicates Solaris 11.

    You need to update the OS to Solaris 11.1.

    Give this a read:

    BTW, you can have both php-52 and php-53 installed at the same time
    then select which one runs under Apache.

    $ man php

    should help you there.

    If not then come back and we'll get this sorted.
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