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issues with applet and jnlp versions

hi to all... I want to ensure that my app customers use the latest java version. We are using glassfish 2.1.1 with the 1.6u21 and the same version to compile some apps including an applet and some swing apps downloaded through jnlp
Locally, I downloaded the java 1.6.0u37, change the JAVA_HOME and PATH variables, and also change the jdk version in netbeans... now I'm compiling my codes with it without problem..

the thing is that I wanted to ensure this version in the the jnlp and the applet. In the applet, we haved

<applet code="com/web/applet/ValidateXml"
archive="../../applet/xalan.jar, ../../applet/ValidateXml.jar, ../../applet/UtilXml.jar"
height="350" width="700" >

after reading this

I change it to

<object id="testapplet-object"
width="256" height="256"
<param name="archive" value="../../applet/xalan.jar, ../../applet/ValidateXml.jar, ../../applet/UtilXml.jar" />
<param name="code" value="com.web.applet.ValidateXml" />
<embed id="testapplet-embed"
width="256" height="256"
archive="../../applet/xalan.jar, ../../applet/ValidateXml.jar, ../../applet/UtilXml.jar"
pluginspage="" >

this seem to work in Internet Explorer but I don't see the applet after it 'opens'. In firefox, the browser doesn't find the correct plugin and manually I can download the xpi installer.. but then, it tells me that the version is just installed in my machine
When I change back to the <applet> , I see the applet without problems but how can I set the minimum version with <applet>?

At the jnlp file, I change the j2se version to this:

<j2se version="1.6.0_37" href=""/>

After I download the jnlp app, appears a java 7 :S It works fine but why java 7? I don't have it installed. Am I ok with the jnlp change?

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